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Last week we had some amazing Christmas giveaways.  It was our way of saying “Merry Christmas!” to all our wonderful readers. :)

Now, the fun part — picking winners!

Trilight Health

With 1661 entries, our three winners are:

  • srhoades2talk@…
  • bethdeclercq@…
  • jamiebenoit@…

Bob”s Red Mill

With 1611 entries, our winner is:

  • dontspendmuch@…

Vintage Remedies

With 1329 entries, our winner is:

  • maria_fala@…


With 1705 entries, our winner is:

  • jamieryabova@…

Deborah & Co.

With 1071 entries, our online roulette winner is:

  • lickemfo@…

Bulk Herb Store

With 1989 entries, our winner is:

  • melody.meek@…

Redmond Trading Company

With 1789 entries, our winner is:

  • jjdolphine@…

Berkey (United Environmental Solutions)

With 2186 entries, our winner is:

  • mross500@…

For those who didn”t win, Dan is offering 10% off any Berkey system (double what he originally offered, because he”s hoping this will make it more affordable to those of you who really want clean water!) plus 20% off any extra filtering elements.  Head to his site and send him an email to let him know you”re a MAM reader to take advantage of either discount.

Excalibur Dehydrator (Cultures for Health)

With 2289 entries, our winner is:

  • sbrown1107@…

Apple Valley Natural Soap

With 1321 entries, our winner is:

  • volliejean@…

Congratulations to  all our winners!

Winners will receive an email with instructions on how to claim their prize.  Winners have one week from today (until 12/17) to respond or we will pick a new winner.

What was your favorite giveaway last week?

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1 Comment

  1. congrats to all the winners! Wish I was one, but happy i found all these new products to try.

    Merry Christmas!


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