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admin March 12, 2012

If you’re not on Facebook with me, you’re missing out. ūüôā ¬†Each day, several readers ask questions and I re-post these to the community, and we have some great discussions about these topics. ¬†Sometimes a discussion will generate 40 or 50 comments!

Do you know what is most frequently asked? ¬†“Someone in my family has ___ condition or ____ symptoms, help! ¬†What natural remedies can I use?”

That’s right. ¬†People are most concerned with natural health and natural remedies. ¬†And as seems to occur often, even people who “know” lots of natural remedies (like me) seem to be at a loss when it hits their home (also including me). ¬†It’s a stress reaction, and also comes down to, if you don’t have the ingredients on hand or the remedy already prepared, it can be hard to get what’s needed quickly enough to make a difference. ¬†That’s really frustrating when you or a loved one aren’t feeling well.

Trilight Health Herbal Formulas

There’s a solution to this problem. ¬†You could look up remedies for every possible condition and buy all the necessary ingredients and try to prepare them ahead of time so you always have them on hand. ¬†But that’s time consuming and probably expensive. ¬†And what happens if you’re two weeks into a tincture and someone gets sick…and needs it now? ¬†But it won’t be ready for another four weeks! ¬†Not to mention it is hard to find all the “stuff” you need to make remedies and depending on how they’re prepared, they may not even last very long. ¬†(My popular homemade cough and cold syrup lasts about two months in the fridge. ¬†Which is decent, but you’ll still have to make a batch 2 or 3 times during cold and flu season.)

Rather than spending all your time researching, shopping for, and preparing remedies, why not take the easy way? ¬†Go with a company that has been preparing herbal remedies for years, remedies which are completely natural, proven to work, and come ready-to-use. ¬†Many formulas even have more than one application, meaning that depending on your household’s needs, you may only need a few…or even just one.

Recently, a few readers and I were given the opportunity to try out some products from Trilight Health.  They are a company that produces herbal tinctures using traditional Chinese medicine.  They have a lot of really excellent formulas, and these products are completely safe for pregnant and nursing moms and kids, because they are glycerin-based tinctures, not alcohol-based.  How cool is that?

Six of us tried six different formulas, and are reviewing them for you today. ¬†Hopefully you’ll find one that could work for you, if you have a need!

Jaime of Screaming Vikings — Sinus Minus

It’s that time of year again!¬† Cold & flu season is kicking into gear and, if you’re like me and live somewhere with crazy weather fluctuations, a late-starting cold and flu season can coincide with hay-fever, allergies and sinus problems.¬† There are times when the kiddos seem to be ‘sick’ for 6 months straight.¬†

However, I now have a new ‘weapon’ in my arsenal against what I call ‘the crud’.¬† I was fortunate enough to be chosen to try Sinus Minus from Trilight Health so that I could review it for Modern Alternative Mama.¬† This could not have come at a better time.¬† Both of my children(ages 8 and 3) were starting to come down with the crud.¬† Runny nose and eyes, mild fever, sinus drainage and constant throat clearing and that was on a good day.

Having made the rounds with doctors when my daughter was younger to try to find a solution for her problems, I know that going that route is expensive and doesn’t fix anything.¬† Oral and nasal steroids, OTC antihistamines, decongestants and ultimately surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids had NO effect.¬† I’ve done the best I know how and now, thanks to cleaning up our diet and keeping everyone on FCLO and probiotics year-round helps.

However, sometimes, there’s just no preventing a bout of sinus problems or hay-fever(when you live directly across from a field of ragweed and trees that you have a confirmed allergy to).¬† I’m thrilled to have something else to turn to when everyone in the house starts feeling yucky.¬† As far as I’m concerned, Sinus Minus is going to be a permanent fixture in our medicine cabinet!¬† I’m ordering the largest bottle that they have to keep on hand so that I can start it the minute ‘the crud’ tries to rear its ugly head.

Sinus Minus has a combination of herbs specifically selected to support the sinuses and lungs during bouts with sinus infections, allergies or if you are dealing with a cold or the flu and have lots of extra congestion to clear up.¬† My kids LOVE to try new things, so getting them to take this wasn’t hard at all.¬† My husband took it as well and while he said it did have a medicinal taste, no one complained or refused to take it.¬† I followed the suggested use¬† on the bottle starting the day we received¬† Sinus Minus and, quite frankly, was a bit skeptical.¬† I wasn’t really expecting much, especially not for the first couple of days.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when, by day 2 the kiddos had stopped clearing their throats!¬† This was HUGE to me, because when they have sinus issues, it is constant.¬† By day 4, they didn’t have ‘allergy face’ anymore.¬† Their appetites had also improved as food started to taste good again.

Even my husband, who was incredibly skeptical and works outdoors(in harsh environments and in a vocation that puts massive amounts of stress on his body) said that he was pleasantly surprised by the improvements.  For the record, he is a guy who has to take the largest dose of pseudo-ephedrine available to get any amount of relief.  He noted that he woke up after a couple of days with NO sinus drainage or nose bleed.  This is a HUGE deal as he has dealt with this for years. 

I didn’t give all the doses per day that were allowed.¬† I don’t wake kiddos up for supplements.¬† The label advises that it can be taken every 3 hours.¬† I gave it to the kids at breakfast, lunch and bedtime.¬† If they were feeling worse, I would have increased the dose.¬† However, as this seemed to work quite effectively I was pleased to stick with this amount.

I was also happy that Sinus Minus didn’t cause my children to experience any side effects.¬† For a bit of time I did give my children OTC antihistamines and decongestants and those can turn the sweetest of babes into raging little monsters.¬† My children always experienced ill effects from these drugs.¬† Sinus Minus caused nothing other than a good night’s sleep during cold & flu season.¬† All in all, I can’t say enough good things about this product and am really SO happy that I’ve had the experience to try it.¬† I’m now recommending this for ALL my mama friends to have on hand as a way to get away from the vicious cycle of OTC/prescription drugs.

Jaime: I’m a Daughter of God, Wife, Mama, seamstress, cook, slightly crunchy, occasionally cranky, homeschooling, work(ish) at home domestic goddess raising Little Valkyrie(8), Little Viking(3), and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our¬†newest little, due sometime in the next few weeks.¬† When I’m not chasing kiddos or removing legos from my feet, I’m blogging at

Heather Schwenn — Hear No Evil

We received the product just in time!¬† A couple days after getting ‚ÄúHear No Evil‚ÄĚ in the mail my son began getting a runny nose, running a slight fever, and was waking up frequently throughout the night.¬† Those are three signs for him that an ear infection is near.¬† Right away I began putting 1-2 drops in both his ears 3 times a day for 3 days.¬† By the third day, his fever was gone and he was sleeping through the night again! ¬†I‚Äôm not certain that he had an actual ear infection, but I will definitely try the drops again if he shows the above signs.

My only complaint about this product is the smell.  It literally smells like you opened a jar of minced garlic!  The smell finally went away about 2 days after I stopped putting the drops in his ears. To me, it’s a small price to pay to avoid doctors visits and antibiotics.

Becky Borgia, Growing Up Naturally — AL-R-G

I was recently given the opportunity to try Trilight Product’s AL-R-G. I was greatly anticipating trying this product as I have terrible year-round indoor and outdoor allergies. My AL-R-G arrived in about 3 days…super fast and a great first impression with this company!

I began taking AL-R-G right away as I was hoping for some relief (I do not use OTC or prescription meds at all except in cases of medical emergency). I was a bit disappointed that it would appear that it won’t take me long to go through the bottle…the dosage is 1/4 tsp per 25lbs. Weighing 275 lbs, this makes my dosage quite large at 2 3/4 tsp. The product is not too expensive but pricey enough considering how fast I will go through it.

However, a bonus to the dosing is that I was able to quickly determine the dosage for my 16 month old after she had a food allergy reaction. AL-R-G worked very quickly to relieve her hives. I have not been taking this for very long yet, but have already¬† noticed a reduction in my sneezing and how much my nose isn’t as ticklish. When the bottle is empty I will determine how cost effective it is based on how long the bottle lasts for me. I am pleased with Trilight Products and their AL-R-G.

Becky Borgia — wife to Michael, Mama to Brandon, 10, and Daniella, 16 months. I provide very flexible in home child care for families who wish for their children to eat and live as naturally as possible. I blog about green, natural and organic living at

Jennifer Blaine — Female Formula

The Female Formula is great! I received the bottle very quickly. I love the easy pour spout. I have been know to gain 5-7 pounds¬†starting a week¬†before menstration.¬†So far, I haven’t had any¬†bloating and I feel great!¬†The taste is wonderful-like a sweet licorice taste.

I had one day out of five where I had light cramping. After I took a couple of more doses of the Female Formula, the cramping subsided. My period has been lighter and easier since I started the Female Formula. I would definetely recommend this product to any women who have difficulties during menstration. I WILL be getting this again!!

Toni Bear — B-Dry

I am using this product for my six year old who has trouble staying dry at night.¬† We have been using it for a week and a half.¬† We haven’t seen any difference yet; however, the bottle tells you that it could take 3 months.¬† She isn’t a huge fan of the taste, but is willing to take to see if it helps.¬† I’m willing to keep giving it to her the while 3 months to see if it helps.

Me — Blue-Green Minerals

I was excited to try this one and compare it to my homemade herbal multivitamin tincture, because it is very similar — but of course I’m not a professional herbalist or other medical professional.

My first impression was that this was probably more potent than mine, and also that it has additional ingredients that make it more well-rounded in terms of nutrition. ¬†I don’t have nutrition facts for either this or mine, so I can’t compare there. ¬†This is very sweet and easy to take.

As this is a general multivitamin and I don’t feel especially deficient at this time, it’s hard to say if it made a huge difference. ¬†I do think it’s a great option for times when a multivitamin is needed, though, and I have talked to others who said they felt they had quite a bit more energy when taking it. ¬†My energy isn’t on the low side anyway so I didn’t notice this effect especially.

Overall I will keep taking it and would recommend it especially in pregnancy or while nursing, if you are concerned and need a safe multivitamin. 

UPDATE: Tuesday, 3/13. ¬†Okay. ¬†So. ¬†I haven’t mentioned it yet because who actually cares, but I got my first postpartum period back a couple weeks ago. ¬†So I’m mid-cycle now but things aren’t back to normal yet. ¬†This usually means a couple days of feeling tired and a little nauseated, which I am (though not as badly as after Daniel was born). ¬†Suddenly I am craving¬†this stuff (and my FCLO). ¬†I have to have it. ¬†I don’t have much appetite, but I need¬†this. ¬†So obviously it’s make some kind of difference for me. ¬†It seems that if I don’t have any immediate need I feel like “whatever,” but when I do have immediate need, this is really helping. ¬†Now I want to have it all the time….

Other Trilight Health Products

We only got to sample a small selection, but Trilight Health has quite a few other products that are excellent. ¬†Here’s a brief list of them:

…and these are still just their best-selling formulas! ¬†They have lots more, to address additional health concerns.

So if you haven’t, check out Trilight Health. ¬†It’s a great place to start with herbal remedies, especially if you’re new to the whole alternative medicine world. ¬†No need to do extensive research or learn to prepare your own remedies or anything like that — simply rely on their expertise!

Avishi Organics Winner

The winner of the Avishi Organics Intensive Repair Oil is:

Lauren (lauren.albritton@…)

Congratulations!  You should have already received an email.

**This post was sponsored by Trilight Health.  But I wanted to do it anyway, because did you see some of those reviews?!  Plus I just like working with them because they are awesome.**

Have you ever used traditional Chinese medicine remedies from Trilight Health?

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