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admin May 23, 2012

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Welcome! This is the sixteenth and final post in my vaccine series.  You may have missed  Getting Serious10 Bad Reasons Not to VaccinateWhy “Science” Should Be Carefully EvaluatedWhat is Herd Immunity All AboutHow the Immune System WorksIngredients in Vaccines Part 1Ingredients in Vaccines, Part 2Risk-Benefit Analysis: MMRRisk-Benefit Analysis: DTaPRisk-Benefit Analysis: Chicken Pox, Hib, Flu,  Risk-Benefit Analysis: Pneumoccocal, Meningococcal and HPVRisk-Benefit Analysis: Hep A, B and RotavirusWhat About Alternative Schedules?,  How to Protect Unvaccinated Kids, or Responses to Vaccine Pushers.

Well, it’s been quite a long four months!  That’s how long it’s taken us to get through this vaccine series.  But it was needed.   Vaccination is such an important and personal decision for a family to make, and no one should go into that decision uninformed.  Hopefully, many of your questions have been answered and you’ve found some new resources through which to continue your search.

Remember, never take my word for it, or anyone else’s.  This is your decision to make and yours alone.  No matter what anyone says…that is true.

Why Do Medical Professionals Want Mandatory Vaccination?

Last week, a couple of medical professionals commented on my post, Responses to Vaccine Pushers.  It seems they’re proud of being pushers and think that we all should vaccinate on the CDC schedule without any choices.  Their reasoning?  “I’ve seen what can happen with these diseases.  They’re far worse than the vaccines.”

Let me just explain why that is truly a logical fallacy.

In the real world, people get sick all the time.  Most of these illnesses are mild — like a cold.  Some may be a bit more severe — think bronchitis or chicken pox — but by no means do they require a doctor’s care.  In general, they require a few days to a couple weeks of rest and supportive home remedies, and then the person is as good as new.

In the cases where these illnesses don’t go as expected, where there are complications, or where the illness itself is simply unusually serious, a doctor’s care is sought.  And in the worst of these, the person is hospitalized in order to receive needed treatment for the illness.

Only a very tiny percentage of ill people actually fall into this final category — this “worst case scenario,” requiring hospitalization.  But those are the cases that medical professionals see everyday!  They don’t see the vast majority of cases that do not require their care, because…those cases do not require their care!  They have an extremely skewed view of how risky illnesses are, because they see the most difficult cases.

In contrast, health professionals usually vaccinate people everyday, or see people who are vaccinated by colleagues.  These people receive shots, then leave the facility, appearing to be fine.  But the truth is, it can take several hours to several days (sometimes longer) for vaccine reactions to show up.  Worried parents call doctors the evening after shots to say, “He’s been screaming all day, and he has a fever of 103, what should I do?”  Many parents are told to expect fussiness and fever and may not call at all.

Therefore, medical professionals rarely actually see vaccine reactions.  And many deny that is what is happening even if a parent does call only hours after vaccination, reporting unusual symptoms.

Since medical professionals usually don’t see reactions (and/or they deny they happen in many cases), and they see absolute worst-case illnesses, it is easy for them to be biased in favor of vaccination.  I would not consider most health professionals to be, in any way, an unbiased source of information, no matter how compassionate or well-educated they are otherwise.  Their perspective is very, very biased.

Speaking of education, one health professional mentioned that one reason that not vaccinating is so dangerous is because doctors haven’t been trained to recognize and treat these illnesses.  I do not feel responsible for a doctor’s lack of appropriate education, and neither should any other parent.  Even vaccination rates are high (which, in general, they still are), vaccines do fail and people do get sick with these diseases.  Doctors should definitely be trained to recognize and treat them!  That is just unprofessional and irresponsible, to avoid studying these diseases because “we vaccinate for those, so they won’t happen.”  Unbelievably irresponsible.

What Do I Do Now?

That is up to you.  My recommendation is to continue to research until you feel confident with the decision you have made, whether that’s all the vaccines, none of the vaccines, or anything in between.

In my opinion, it is so important that you and your spouse be on the same page.  Please read these materials together, read books together, talk to a doctor or other health professional together.  List all your questions and concerns and address them together.  This is your children’s health that is at stake here, and you both must be comfortable with your decision.

Unfortunately, too many parents do not see eye-to-eye on this issue.  This can lead to children being vaccinated — or not — against a parent’s wishes.  It should not be a divisive issue for your family, and it can be if you don’t get on the same page.  Take the time to honestly and thoughtfully discuss your concerns until you can reach an agreement.  This is even more important for parents who are not currently married and are sharing custody, so that the issue does not become a battle in which the state gets to make the call.  (The state will always go with vaccinating.)

If you have a special circumstance, like adoption, fostering, shared custody, etc. please seek a lawyer’s help if needed to find out what your rights are.  They will vary based on situation and the state you are in.

Final Thoughts

I’ve enjoyed researching and writing this (long) series on vaccines and I hope it has been helpful to you!  We’ll be moving on now to some new ideas and projects.

What would you like to read about next?

  • Creating your natural medicine cabinet (a series on preparing, storing, and using natural remedies)
  • Wildcrafting (all about different herbs that grow wild and how to use them)
  • Homeschooling kindergarten/preschool (our adventures as we begin homeschooling)
  • …anything else?

Please let me know what you’d like to see!

What was your favorite part of the vaccine series?  What would you like to see next?

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  1. THANK YOU so much for this series! I’ve learned so much and had re-confirmed that we are doing the right thing for our children. I would love to read a series on building a natural medicine cabinet! 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for this series! I especially appreciate all the links your posted to your sources so that I can take my husband to those primary sources as we work through these issues. Did you discuss the tetanus/whooping cough vaccine? I may have missed that post, and I’m trying to think through that one in particular as I hope to become pregnant.
    My vote for your next series is creating a natural medicine cabinet. For the rare occasions I don’t feel well, I either just tough it out or take regular OTC meds. I’d love to have a comprehensive guide of the basics of natural home remedies.


    • I found the tetanus post you did by searching the site. It just wasn’t listed in the list at the top of this post with the others. 🙂


  3. My vote is for Natural Medicine Cabinet.

    Thanks for doing all the vac posts, very informative and helpful. I have saved them all to keep referrencing them. I had done some research on my own, but this was helpful to go further. We delay vaccines and skip a couple all together.

    Lori G.


  4. I’d love to read more about preparing a natural medicine cabinet and wildcrafting. 🙂


  5. Homeschooling. We are considering it, and I am sooooooo confused!


  6. natural medicine cabinet. Please, please, please! Thank you for this vaccine series. So informative and well-done. Can’t wait to share.


  7. Natural medicine cabinet please!!! I feel so overwhelmed with where to start with using more natural remedies.


  8. Thank you so much for all the hard work and research you have put into this series! It’s helped me to be even more firm in my stance. I found 1 pediatrician who after I described what happened with my son after his shots that told me it was probably the MMR that caused his problems. I wanted to hug that doctor!

    I think that a series on filling and using a natural medicine cabinet would be great. I’m trying to get more things for mine but am not really sure what to get for what.


  9. Thanks so much for doing this important series. My husband and I have had our convictions about this issue since the beginning of our marriage over twenty years ago. Like so many areas, we just take what we are told and never do the research ourselves. This is a dangerous practice. We have to learn to take responsibility for our choices and our actions. If you have done nothing else (which you have) you have certainly encourage this. Thanks for consistently offering great content.


  10. Definitely the natural medicine cabinet. Especially with how to grow on your own, and where to buy things!


  11. hi kate……thanks so much for this series and all the time you spent on it. i vote for the natural medicine cabinet next.


  12. I would love to read more about creating a natural medicine cabinet!!


  13. I have enjoyed reading this series and will review it again one day when the Lord chooses to bless my husband and I with children. I would really enjoy a series on building a nature medicine cabinet and natural remedies!!!!! As a registered nurse, every day I see the side effects that modern medicine can cause & I would love to accumulate more knowledge on how to restore health naturally and thereby avoid those side effects. Looking forward to more MAM blog posts! Keep up the great work!


  14. Thanks for the series! We are currently using homeopathy to heal our two year old from the vaccines she received. I’d love to see the natural medicine cabinet or homeschooling!


  15. I would love to see a series on the natural medicine closet.
    Thank you for putting so much time into this series. It has been so helpful to me and now I have a concise and easy to refer to resource.


  16. Thank you for this very informative series. I think I’m going to print them all out, with the links as end notes and put them on file to reference as needed. For a new series: I’d love to see the natural medicine closet and wildcrafting. Those both look fascinating.


  17. […] about vaccinations and why people are using exemption forms there is a great vaccinations series on Modern Alternative Mama.  Check it out.  She has a lot of great tips and […]


  18. I think the reasons you gave for doctors pushing vaccines were on-the-mark: they sometimes see serious cases of vaccine-preventable diseases, but not the usual not-so-serious cases that don’t need allopathic medical attention, and they dismiss vaccine reactions because Big Pharma has indoctrinated them with its dogma that there’s no connection. I’d like to add that, since many of the vaccine-preventable diseses are viral, and allopathic medicine doesn’t have any effective treatment for viral diseases, they think their only course is to try to prevent them, and not be in the position of having nothing to offer. Homeopathy has many options for effectively treating viral diseases (if you can decide what the appropriate remedy is, which is often hard to do), and there are many naturopathic remedies which are effective, including common vitamins and remedies like echinacea and Sambucol. Another reason to not give your pediatrician’s opinion on this subject much weight.


  19. Loved the series and would love to learn about a natural medicine cabinet, also i’d love see a how-to idiots guide to natural family planning. It always seems so complicated, haha.


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