"My baby has a cold. Typical symptoms, but how do I treat it? (And Weekend Links!)

beth March 2, 2013

Sara asks “My baby has a cold. Typical symptoms, but how do I treat it? I am not sure what remedies I can use on her!”

If you have a little one that is sick you most certainly might be feeling the added stress of not knowing what to do to help. Thankfully, there is plenty you can do!

If you breastfeeding, do it as much as your little one wants. Breastmilk is an amazing healer than can help breakup mucus and your antibodies to help get baby well faster. Baby will also benefit from the added comfort. If your little one is having issues with congestion you can also squirt breastmilk in the nose to work like a better, naturally produced version of saline.

If your not breastfeeding you can try saline and suction. This may help open up the airway so that australian online casino baby can eat better. You can also try casino a few drops of EO on your clothes while your cuddling baby. (Make sure the oil you use is safe for baby!)

To help boost babies immunity you can give baby FCLO – or if Spesielt i Norge har spilleautomatene til NetEnt (kjent forkortelse for selskapet) oppnadd stor suksess. you are breastfeeding baby can get it through you.

Overall, there is much you can do to make baby more comfortable through a cold!

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