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I”ve always loved amber for both it”s looks and it”s healing properties. My first encounter was with my teething son and a child”s teething necklace to ease his discomfort. I was blown away at how much it helped! What I didn”t realize was that adults could wear amber necklaces as well – and Spark of Amber was gracious enough to let me give theirs a try!

About Baltic Amber

Baltic amber isn”t something new to the market. In fact, it has been sought after for its pain relief and energy-boosting properties for decades. It is also said to be anti-inflammatory and have immune-boosting qualities. The point of wearing it as a necklace is that the oils from the necklace are absorbed through the skin.

While no test have been conducted to prove amber”s effectiveness when it comes to medicinal purposes word of mouth has traveled across many years and through many people and cultures as testimony to it”s efficiency.

About Spark of Amber”s Necklaces and Jewelry

Spark of Amber carries authentic Baltic Amber. There is a great deal of fake stuff out there when it comes to amber and they professionally test their pieces to reassure their customers that they are getting the real deal. They are a fairly new business but practice honorable business practices and have more than fair prices.

The products they make are BEAUTIFUL and they offer many different options – with free shipping. Your choices are not limited to necklaces but range through all types of jewelry. Browse their store here.

My Experience

I had never personally wore an amber necklace and aside from a short use of a teething necklace with my son I had virtually no experience with amber. When my necklace arrive I found myself very impressed with the presentation of the necklace - it is such a pretty piece! Honestly, I figured even if it didn”t work out to have any health benefits then I could still wear it for the look.

I started wearing it roughly a month ago. I can”t say that I have found any massive In our lives beyond best driving school we expect understanding, trust, and a sense of fair play. change – but I can tell a difference. It”s subtle, but I do find my stress level to be lower and my normal aches and pains to be less. I love the fact that wearing a pretty piece of jewelry CAN actually have benefits!

I also have to say these things are made to last. I have a two year old that has broken almost every necklace I own by pulling on it. Not this one! He hasn”t hurt it at all. It is very well made and has a lovely twist clasp that is really sturdy.

Overall & The GIVEAWAY

Overall, I am very pleased. You really can”t beat being pretty and feeling a little better in the process. Spark of Amber is a great company that really takes pride in their products – and it shows through their craftsmanship.

Now you have a chance to win a necklace of your own! Spark of Amber has sponsored a giveaway between Faith (Modern Alternative Pregnancy) and I.  By fulfilling the rafflecopter below you can enter to win your choice of an adult amber necklace OR child/infant teething necklace. Both are beautiful pieces.

Have Your Ever Wore An Amber Necklace? Which Are You Wanting To Win?

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  1. I am a Reiki practitioner and I work with crystals a lot! It’s nice to see them getting some love.
    Namaste :)


  2. I have never worn an amber necklace and did not know about the healing properties. I would like to win the adult necklace.


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