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I can just see you now squirming on the other side of the computer screen. Ya, you. I know you are. I bet you are also feeling itchy all over and can”t resist scratching your head. Why, because I just did too.

Whenever you hear the dreaded word something just wants to curl up and die with in you or at least send you running for the hill screaming.

Lice, there”s nothing like them to bring fear to a parent”s heart. Believe me I”ve been there, many times. It isn”t fun to deal with but the good news is, that you can treat it naturally. Many of the items you may already have around your house.

Here are two different articles on treating lice:

How to Treat Lice Naturally
10 Tips to Get Rid of Lice Naturally

One of the best ways to treat lice is prevention. Enter lice spray. No not the stuff you find in the store, please never spray pesticides over anyone”s head.

When you or your kids Rebuck known as his proposal “Powerball for interstate slot machines play,” by having an idea toward producing exactly the same type of excitement that surrounds that lottery’s mega-awards, which often enhance individuals who otherwise wouldn’t consider purchasing a ticket. are going to be in a setting where There are still some people who don’t buckle up even though the rates of use have gone up and there is more defensive education. you know that there is a risk of being exposed you can start spritzing your head with an easy to make natural lice spray. If not only deters lice but can kill them as well.

You can have this spray whipped up and ready to go in 5 minutes or less depending on which  recipe you choose to make.


Natural Lice Spray with Essential Oils


4 cups apple cider vinegar
20 drops lavender essential oil
20 drops  rosemary  essential oil
20 drops tansy essential oil
20 drops tea tree oil

Pour your apple cider vinegar in a 1 quart canning jar. Add the oils, screw on the lid and give it a good shake. Pour into a spray bottle and you are ready to go!


Natural Lice Spray with Herbs


3 cups apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup dried lavender flowers
1/2 cup dried tansy
1/2 cup dried or fresh  rosemary
20 drops tea tree oil

1. Add your herbs to a 1 quart canning jar. Cover with the apple cider vinegar. Add the tea tree oil and screw on the lid.

2. Shake the jar for about 1 minute or until all the herbs are floating around in the vinegar. Store in a dark place like a cabinet for at least two weeks. Shake once a day.

3. Strain through a fine sieve or cheese cloth. Pour into a spray bottle.




Spray all over the head whenever you think you have/or will be exposed to lice. Don”t drench the hair. Leave in a continue on your day. The smell will evaporate within the hour.


Spray all over the head concentrating on the nape of the neck and behind the ears until the hair is damp. Let dry in your hair. Once try treat with a natural lice oil.


What is your best tip on preventing lice?

This is the writings of:

Katie is a dorm “mama” to 16 amazing girls ages 5 to 18 at a home and school for the Deaf in Baja California, Mexico. She is happiest in the kitchen creating nourishing meals and home remedies or outside with at least one of her girls at her side. She grew up using herbal supplements but didn’t discover the joy of making her own until 2008. Katie is passionate about real food, herbs and simple living. You can find her blogging about all these things and more on her blog, Mexican Wildflower where she is living simply by God’s grace.MexicanWildflower

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  1. […] hate this spray! Not only does it kill the nits but it helps keep them away as well. This lice spray over at Modern Alternative Health is great for spraying on heads that have lice or have/will be […]


    • We are on our second attempt to get rid of lice not only on my 6 yr old daughter but myself too!!! They are horrible! I have lavender and tea tree oil with the apple cider vinegar. . Good enough?


      • I am so sorry I missed this! Those three should be fine. I hope you are lice free now. What did you end up doing?


  2. To me there’s to much risk in using Tansy oil. You should include a warning with your recipe.

    BLUE Tansy is safe to use.


    • Thank you for expressing your consern. I don’t suggest using tansy internaly but have found it safe and VERY effective when used externaly. Since this is a lice spray I would hope that no one drinks it!


      • I have been battling lice with my 7 daughters for quite some time now. Does this spray have to sit for two weeks or can it be made up and used immediately? Also can these herbs all be bought at a grocery store, or would chances be better at a health food store?


        • Oh, I feel for you! That is not fun! The herbs might be able to be found at a health food store but they do need to steep in the vinegar for two weeks. Your best bet would be to buy the essential oils that are listed in the second recipe. You can find those at a health food store and the spray can be used right away. I hope you are able to get rid of the lice soon! Another thing that has worked for me is flat iorning their hair. I hate using blow dryer, flat iorns and all those kind of things but I’ve seen it even squash some nits.


  3. Thank you for this post! My oldest daughter got head lice last year which was my worst nightmare!! I have been using essential oils in a spray bottle this year and so far so good! :)


  4. Can the spray be used daily? Ive dealt w lice for way too long w my eight year old. Have tried so many things, including converting her head in a completeness of mayonnaise! Yuck. Thank you for posting!


  5. I have been dealing with lice off and on for over a year now. i get rid of them, but they comback. Recently i used apple cider vinager and coconut oil. it worked great, but I didnt read the fine print, i was supposed to do it again within a few days and I didnt. … i do have a 50 hr at week job! :/ any way, i am dealing with these pests again. i have not been actively checking beds. i have been washing sheets and pillows and hats and all the things that might touch their head in hot water with tee tree oil. i even put tee tree oil in their shampoo. Will the oils in the spray stain the sheets or make them oily?


    • I am so sorry I missed this! I’ve never had an issue with the spray making my sheets oily, you can always test it on a corner of the fabric first if you want.


  6. Can I use something instead of the Tansy essential oil? I am having trouble finding it where I live. Thanks!


  7. Interested in preparing this remedy, but I wonder if it smells like vinegar? I would hate for my daughter to be teased because of the smell.


  8. Can you leave out the tansy oil? Im in the uk and its really expensive! I can get the others really cheaply. Thank you x


    • Yes you can. Have you tried looking for dried tansy? You can steep that in the vinegar for a couple weeks and then strain it off if you have the time.


  9. You can substitute Frankincense oil for the Tansy oil. I use the apple cider vinegar and essential oils as a spray also for my sofa, chair, bedding, etc. when my grandkids have gotten the lice and it works very well. Also for my hair, I used 2 ounces of olive oil with 13 drops each of Tea Tree and Lavender and spray it into my roots and hair, making sure I massaged it in all over my head then tightly clipped a plastic grocery bag over all my hair and let it set for an hour before washing it out. You can also add about 5 drops of tea tree to your shampoo and conditioner bottles that you use daily for added protection. You can wash the olive oil mixture out of your hair first using Dawn Dishwashing Soap to make it easier to remove.


  10. Will the essential oil version be as good/effective in water instead of the apple cider vinegar? Put another way: what does the vinegar contribute? THANK YOU!


    • I am so sorry I missed this! The vinegar aids in killing the lice and breaking down the nit’s “glue”.


  11. There’s an insertion in the paragraph before the first pix that one of you should remove (between brackets below):

    “When you or your kids [[Rebuck known as his proposal “Powerball for interstate slot machines play,” by having an idea toward producing exactly the same type of excitement that surrounds that lottery’s mega-awards, which often enhance individuals who otherwise wouldn’t consider purchasing a ticket.]] are going to be in a setting where you know that there is a risk of being exposed you can start spritzing your head with an easy to make natural lice spray. If not only deters lice but can kill them as well.”


  12. […]  purchase a great spray from Nit  Free For Me or other similar places.  Or you can make your own from essential oils.  Both work – it just depends on how you roll with things like […]


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