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admin February 26, 2013

I get invited to participate in a lot of the “bundle sales” that are around these days.  But, I’m very selective about which ones I will participate in.  I don’t want to jump on board with every single one of them just to make a buck, or feel like I’m promoting something to all of you every single week.

Still, there are some worth doing.  And there’s one that launches today that is incredibly unique.

A big criticism of the bundle sale is that many include similar authors and similar books over and over, and it gets overwhelming.  Yes, you still get a great deal on books you want even if you end up with a second or third copy of ones you already have — and that’s great.  But this bundle sale is different.  The majority of these books were new to me, and the titles and subjects are extremely intriguing.  There are quite a few experts (including some with degrees in health) who are discussing issues that are of major importance to my readers.

These books sell individually for $15 – $30 each because they are so jam-packed with information.  This bundle is worth over $800 and has 46 different products included in it — and it’s selling for only $39.97.  Let me tell you more about it.

The Books

As I said, most of the books included in this sale were new to me.  I’ve only honestly read a few of them.  I’d like to read a lot more of them — I’ll have to add them to my list!  I’m very excited about the books included as well as the authors.  One of the main authors (and co-organizer of this sale) is Amanda Rose.  Most of my recommendations on grain consumption come from research she has done, so I was excited to see her involved in this!

Here’s the full list of books (I’m bolding ones I’ve read, liked, or most want to read):

  • Rebuild from Depression: A Nutrient Guide, by Amanda Rose, Ph.D. and Annell Mavrantonis, M.D.
  • Adrenal Fatigue Solutions by Pat Robinson (the other co-organizer, if you’re curious)
  • Aging: Cumulative Knowledge from Peer Review Studies, by Sayer Ji (of GreenMedInfo)
  • Infertility: Cumulative Knowledge from Peer Review Studies, by Sayer Ji
  • A Fibromyalgia Recovery Story: Eating Outside the Box, by Christy Pooschke
  • Cancer Isn’t a Death Sentence, by Marcia Schaefer, DC
  • Ultimate Secrets to Acne Freedom by Tracy McCullough
  • Holistic Approaches in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus by Todd Caldecott, Dip. Cl.H., RH(AHG)
  • Understanding The Right-Brained Child by Cindy Gaddis
  • Practical Herbs by Henriette Kress
  • Introduction to Tree Medicines by Darcey Blue French
  • Herbal Remedies for Children During the Cold and Flu Season by Rosalee de la Forêt
  • Mother’s Little Herbal Helper And Home Remedies by Natalie Vickery
  • Of Thorn and Petal: The Remedy in the Rose by Kiva Rose
  • Listen to the Ancient Mother Wisdom by Kimberly Crail
  • Numen: The Healing Power of Plants A Resource Guide
  • Natural Beauty Recipes by Katie (Wellness Mama)
  • Wildly Natural Skin Care Oils by Michelle Czolba
  • Salves Made Simple by Jennifer Saleem
  • Common Sense Health: Detox, Diet and Physical Activities by Laurie Neverman
  • Detoxifying Your Home – Inside and Out by Dawn Lorenz
  • Stress Relief for Parents by Genevieve Simperingham
  • Whispers from The Universe: 30 EFT Scripts for Feeling Great by Deborah Donndelinger
  • The New Health Paradigm by Anthony Gucciardi
  • 100 Days of Real Food Challenge by Lisa Leake
  • The Savvy Shopper’s Guide to Sustainable Food by Raine Saunders
  • The Whole Foods Revelation by France Morissette
  • Off The Shelf by Kris Bordessa
  • The Everything Beans Book by Katie Kimball
  • Eat More Leafy Greens by Cynthia Lair
  • Lacto- Fermentation by Wardee Harmon
  • Simply Sourdough by Melissa Naasko
  • A Healthy Soda by Donna Schwenk
  • 7 Habits of a Gluten-Free Warrior by Peter Osborne
  • Baking With Coconut Flour by Starlene Stewart
  • Traditional Soup Workshop with Whole Grain Gluten-Free Muffin Cookbook Bonus by Kimi Harris
  • Family-Friendly Allergen-Free Menu Planner by KerryAnn Foster
  • Quinoa Fit by Wendy Polisi
  • Divine Dinners: Gluten-Free, Nourishing, Family-Friendly Meals by Lydia Joy Shatney
  • Nourishing Our Children
  • Essential Elements of Whole Health by Amy Love, NTP, CGP, CILC
  • Thrifty Food Plan Experience by Millie Copper
  • Spring Cleansing – The Local Way Jennifer Steinbachs, ND
  • Introduction to Energy Healing by Tracy Liebmann
  • Introduction to Flower Essences by Amy Hendrickson
  • Practical Guide to Children’s Health (Excerpt) by Kate Tietje
  • The Five Flavors of Food by Lisa Mase
  • Car Seats: The Deadliest Parenting Decision by Guggie Daly

That is a HUGE bundle!  The books are worth over $800 because they’re written by experts in their fields (in many cases).  They’re extensive and well-researched.  If you’re looking to truly improve your health, this bundle is going to help you do it.

Despite its high value, the bundle is selling for just $39.97.  That is less than $1/book, which is pretty amazing!

Bonus Material: Sneak Peek!

There are a few “bonus” products included in this bundle.  And one is the new book I’ve been talking about: A Practical Guide to Children’s Health.  This book doesn’t release until the end of March, but there’s a “sneak peek” included here!  The full book is over 150 pages, and this preview version is 28 pages.  You’ll get some sample sections (complete sections) from the full book included in here.

Sample sections include:

  • Foreword (by Dr. TP, DC)
  • Why I’m Writing This Book
  • Why Nutrition is So Important
  • Keeping Kids from Obesity
  • Food Label Tricks
  • Kid-Friendly Snack Ideas
  • What Does it Mean to be “Healthy?”
  • A Note on Antibiotics and Prescription Drugs
  • Cuts and Scrapes
  • Seasonal Allergies
  • Choosing Safe Clothing
  • TV and Media Use in Children
  • Closing

The full version will contain many more sections on vaccines, OTC drugs, picky eaters, herbal/alternative remedies for many common ailments, alternative health practitioners, a few healthy recipes (including my favorite soaked waffle recipe), eating healthy on a budget, involving kids in the kitchen, super foods for kids, food and seasonal allergies, special diets, and lots more!  The ebook version of A Practical Guide to Children’s Health will sell for $17.95, and the paperback copy will be $24.95.  This book contains over 300 primary sources so it’s very well-researched and our “test” readers have found it very valuable!  This is your chance to get a sneak peek a month early!

The Deal

This bundle is on sale from today through March 7th, and then it’s gone for good.  This collection will never be available again.  I’ve already found many new authors and resources from this bundle, and I’m so excited to read through more of the books in it.  If you’ve been unsure what to do next with your health concerns — whether that’s diabetes, adrenal fatigue, healthier cooking, or using more herbal medicines — this bundle has you covered.

There are 47 books, worth over $800, and the bundle sells for $39.97 each — less than $1 per book.  Don’t miss this deal — grab it today, or plan ahead to grab it early next week so that you don’t miss out.  These books are an excellent addition to any natural health repertoire.

What books(s) are you most excited about in this bundle?

**I am an affiliate and will earn a commission if you purchase through my links in this post.  Thanks!**

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