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admin February 28, 2013

On Tuesday I introduced you to the Health Library Sale, which is going on now through March 7th (so you have about a week to jump on this).  Today I want to tell you a little more about the books included in the sale.

Since there are over 50 of them, I honestly have not read most of them.  There are a handful I have read though and have really enjoyed, so I wanted to highlight them for you today.  I’ll also point to a few that I think would be of particular interest to my readers that I may not have read yet.

Rebuild from Depression

I haven’t finished this one yet; I’m 10 chapters or so into it (more than 2/3).  I actually have a hard copy so I’ve been reading in the bath!  The book is by Amanda Rose, Ph.D.  She starts out by describing her own history of depression, as a teen and then during pregnancy and postpartum.  She details what she tried as methods of recovery, and then what she ultimately discovered.  She discusses medication use — when, why and how you might choose to use it — but focuses primarily on natural/nutritional methods of recovery.

I’ve found it quite fascinating because she discusses first the key nutrients that help to recover from depression, why they are important, signs of deficiency, etc.  I noted certain people in my life who would benefit from this information.  Then, she goes on to describe the different food groups and names foods which are especially high in one or more of the key nutrients, and how to prepare these foods to maximize nutrition.

As I’ve been reading it, I’ve been making notes on what my husband may need (he has been going through a long-term detox and this sometimes leaves him feeling depressed and depleted) as well as planning to lend the book to some other family members once I am done with it.  I think it will help them a lot in rebuilding their own health.  I’d definitely recommend others in this boat (depression/anxiety/nutrient deficiencies) read it as well.  The book normally sells for $19.97 (and the whole bundle of 50+ books sells for just $39.97!).

Lacto Fermentation Ebook

Despite my experience with fermented foods (I’ve perfected kombucha and can make yogurt, water kefir, and sort of milk kefir, and have dabbled with dill pickles), this area remains mostly a mystery to me.  I enjoy fermented foods most of the time and certainly enjoy their health benefits and how they make me feel!  But I still feel woefully under-informed in this area, at least outside the basics I mentioned above.  Thankfully, Wardeh from GNOWFGLINS is an expert, and this is her book on the subject.

In this 155-page book, she takes you through what fermentation is and why you do it, what equipment you need, and then several recipes.  These recipes are all about fermenting different types of fruits (preserved lemons, chutneys, preserves), vegetables (krauts, pickles — several of each!, relishes and salsas), condiments (did you know you can do that?  I just bought a bunch of mustard seed so I may need to try this), kefir, kombucha, kvass, beans, dairy ( milk kefir, yogurt), soft cheeses, even meats, fish, eggs, sourdough (Wardeh is queen of sourdough!) and olives!  If there’s a food you want to ferment, Wardeh has a recipe for it.

Throughout each section is information on what you will need (starter cultures) and she also includes a “basic formula” so that once you’ve tried her recipes, you can create your own to suit your family’s tastes.  I’ve only glanced through this book so far but I can’t wait to start fermenting more.  I believe strongly that probiotic foods can turn your health around, re-colonize your digestive tract, and ward off illness.  This is one of the simplest and healthiest things that anyone can do to improve their health, and this is the perfect guide with which to get started.

Practical Herbs

Henriette Kress, the author, is an herbalist who lives in Finland — she’s an expert on herbal medicine.  If you are wanting to switch your family over to more natural medicines and are overwhelmed by herbs in general — which ones to use, when and how to use them, how to purchase and store them, etc. — this book will answer your questions.

She teaches you how to find herbs locally, or how to grow them yourself, how to harvest them, and how to care for them while fresh.  She also teaches you about drying them for later use.  Then, Henriette teaches the basic uses of herbs — herbal teas and infusions, herbal oils, salves, tinctures, vinegar, and syrups.  This covers all the “ways” you will probably ever need to use herbs.  I personally make and use tinctures, infused oils, salves, teas and infusions so far.  I’m curious about what other tips she has for creating medicines, because I really think there is something excellent about creating your own medicine.  So many herbs have similar properties, so the “best” herb for one person or family may be different than for another.

After describing care and basic use of herbs, Henriette then goes on to talk about specific herbs.  She details 23 different herbs and their specific properties and uses.  There are herbs noted for dealing with menstrual cramps, sciatica, bleeding, itching, ear aches, flu, anti-inflammatory, nausea, and many more common conditions.  She even discusses certain “plant families” so that you know which herbs may be substituted if needed.  This is a 150-page beginner’s herbal guide that can help anyone start using natural medicines for their family!

(It’s also not the only one.  There are 6 other “herbal guides” in some form included in this bundle.  There is one specific for colds and flu, and one for mothers with young kids, plus various healing/general herb guides.  There is something for everyone here.)

Adrenal Fatigue Solutions

I know many of my readers have dealt with this issue.  Pat Robinson lays out a 12-week plan to help you recover.  She is an R.N. with 17 years of experience as well as personal experience in recovering from adrenal fatigue.  The goal of her book is a baby step plan to help busy moms recover and develop new, healthier habits.

First, Pat describes adrenal fatigue — what it is, symptoms of it — and includes the incredible fact that up to 80% of people have adrenal issues now! She goes through pages of common symptoms, like weakness, fatigue, weight gain, stress, moodiness, intolerance to heat/cold, fuzzy thinking, and lots more.  (How many haven’t suffered at least some of these?)  And then, the plan itself.

For each week, she has a series of “healthy habits” or steps to take.  These are all very simple, like going outside, drinking a glass of water, etc. — things that anyone can do, no matter how stressed or lacking in energy.  She mentions key nutrients and food sources of these nutrients (this can be a little overwhelming because there are so many nutrients and different food sources of each).  And then, she discusses how to handle food, including some practical tips on what to eat or not eat.  Then, herbs and toxins — which to add, which to remove.  She recommends greens and one issue she doesn’t discuss at the same time (when explaining green smoothies) is oxalates, which is important, so be aware of that.

Each week continues with the same sub-sections and tips on accomplishing each.  Go slowly with it and incorporate some of the changes and you will see recovery begin to take place!

Other Resources

There are so many other neat resources in this package.  There’s a book called Cancer Isn’t a Death Sentence, so if you know someone who has cancer or are concerned yourself “just in case,” this book can help you know how to fight cancer naturally.  (Which is totally possible for most!)

There’s also a book on diabetes.  It’s becoming more common, unfortunately, but this book can help you learn to manage it naturally, and possibly even prevent it.

There are too many books really to highlight them all right now!  These are some of the major health/medicine resources that I have read and enjoyed.

How to Buy

This bundle consists of over 50 books from expert authors all over the world, most of which have never been included in a bundle before.  Some have never even been published before and are brand-new for this collection!  (That is true for my “sneak peek” of A Practical Guide to Children’s Health.)  This is not like the typical bundle that you see.

The resources in this guide, which are not only ebooks but also scientific papers, videos, and audio files, are worth over $800.  But the sale price is only $39.97.  You will never be able to get this amount of information — from real professionals — for this sort of price anywhere else.

Buy it today, or save up your money and buy before the end of the sale next week.  I’ll be telling you about some of my favorite food and parenting resources (also included in this bundle) in a few days!

What book(s) are you most interested in owning?

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