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admin July 28, 2014

I’m super excited.

My newest book is coming out three weeks from tomorrow.  That is pretty cool!  It’s called Healing with God’s Earthly Gifts, and it’s all about natural and herbal remedies.  I’ve included all of my favorites in it, plus how to get started with your natural medicine cabinet, a chart on which remedy to use when, and how to use herbs safely.  Oh, and there’s more than that. 🙂

Since I’m so excited, I want to celebrate the upcoming launch with all of you.  We’re going to have a long party…starting now.

Play the “Unlock Health” Games!

We’re calling this party the Unlock Health Games.  Because the more you play, the more cool health-related stuff you can unlock!  We’re talking free copies of the book, discount codes, bonus recipes, and more!

Here’s how it works:

  • Each week, we’ll offer a NEW challenge (three total
  • You have the next 7 days to fulfill that challenge
  • If enough people do the challenge, then a new offer is unlocked!

Everybody can benefit from playing the games!

The numbers will be updated throughout the week in blog posts and on social media, so that you know how close we are to reaching the magic “unlock” number needed.  Every time you do one of the entries, you increase the chances of unlocking the challenge!


The top 3 three players (the ones who help the most to unlock the challenges — defined as most total entries) will get a special bonus prize!  

This Week’s Challenge

This week, you can unlock the first very cool item, which is a giveaway for 10 copies of the ebook!  The giveaway can be for 2 – 10 copies (or not happen at all) and will happen Aug. 19  – 21.  To unlock the giveaway and get a chance to win, you have to do:

  • 50 – 100 entries: 2 copies
  • 101 – 150 entries: 4 copies
  • 151 – 200 entries: 6 copies
  • 201 – 250 entries: 8 copies
  • 300+ entries: 10 copies

It’s up to all of you how many copies are in the giveaway!

Each single thing you do from the list below counts as ONE entry.  If each person does 3 – 4, then we only need 100 participants (maybe fewer) to unlock the full 10 copies!  You have through Sunday, 8/3 to unlock this deal.

How to Unlock It

Here’s the sales page (no buy buttons yet).  You’ll need that to unlock this challenge.

You can unlock entries in the following ways:

Each person could get up to 16 entries.  It won’t take any time at all to get the full 10 copies unlocked. 🙂  To get credit for your entries, leave a comment on this post, telling me which one(s) you did.  It’s easiest to leave one comment per entry, so I don’t miss any.  You can leave different comments throughout the week if you do different entries on different days.

Next week we’ll have a brand new challenge to unlock, so make sure you come back to find out what it is.  The challenges will only get better!

Are you excited for the Unlock Health Games?

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  1. Checked out why the book is so awesome!


  2. Checked out why the book is awesome!


  3. I checked out why the book is so awesome and I pinned it to Pinterest.


  4. I liked and commented on the post on the MAM facebook page.


  5. Got the kindle book 🙂


  6. […]  We only have about 15 entries in our “Unlock Health Challenge!”  We need to get up to 300 to unlock the full challenge and we only have until Sunday, […]


  7. Check-Visit the sales page and check out why Healing with God’s Earthly Gifts is so awesome!

    Check-Share the book on Facebook

    Check- Pin the book to Pinterest

    Check-“Like” and comment on this post when it’s shared on the Modern Alternative Mama Facebook page

    Check-Review the book on Amazon (get 3 entries for doing this!)
    completed this challenge on 07/31 at 10:58 AM- I’m pumped!!


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