Watch Out, Ohio: They’re Coming for Your Vaccine Rights (HB 564)

admin July 17, 2016

If you’re an Ohio resident, it’s time to pay close attention.

It doesn’t matter if you’re for vaccines or against them — if you receive some, all, or none of them.  What matters right now is if you believe that that decision should rest with families, and not with the government.  This affects families who get “everything but the flu shot” or “everything but Gardasil” as much as it does families who receive no vaccines.

There is a new bill that has been proposed, HB 564.  It will strip us of many of our rights — and we must stop it.

Watch Out, Ohio: They’re Coming for Your Vaccine Rights

More and more, the scientific evidence is showing that vaccines may not be as safe or effective as we’ve been led to believe.  Several people — including many prominent doctors and medical professionals — are starting to speak out and ask questions.  They’re starting to wonder why things might be happening, and if vaccines may play a role.

Meanwhile, the “other side” is simply standing there, screaming, “You are all stupid.  Vaccines and safe and effective, the end.  If you keep asking questions, we will just take away your right to choose!”

Vaccines are a medical procedure.  Informed consent should be required to get them.  Increasingly, it’s not.  The government and the schools are trying to make these decisions for people, but threatening to take away their right to a public education if they do not comply.  This is not okay.

HB 564, in particular, would allow:

  • Schools to vaccinate children without parental consent, if deemed “necessary” (ETA: This language is apparently already in the current version of the law, and basically allows schools to provide vaccines to children *without* an exemption on file if parents cannot afford them)
  • Remove the philosophical exemption entirely
  • Require parents to visit a doctor for “education” before using any other exemption


This is a problem because we should not even need exemptions to exercise our right to make medical decisions for our own bodies and our children’s bodies.

Additionally, such “education” is usually extremely biased, heavily weighted on the side on “Vaccines are great, there are little to no risks, and your child will die and kill others without them.”  This is not an accurate picture of the risk vs benefit of vaccines.  And, most people who have chosen to opt out, already know far more about vaccines and illnesses than many who choose to opt in.

We should not have to jump through hoops to exercise our rights.  We must stop this bill.

See the full text here.

Watch Out, Ohio They're Coming for Your Vaccine Rights pinterest

How to Stop the Bill

First, please sign this petition.  This is the simplest way to let your government know you do not agree with this measure, and it will only take you a few seconds.

Second, please contact the representatives who are sponsoring or co-sponsoring the bill and let them know you’d like them to withdraw support and end this bill.  Please be courteous, but be firm.

Here are the representatives:

Dan Ramos – House District 56 – (614) 466-5141 (sponsor of the Bill)
John Boccieri – House District 59 – (614) 466-6107 (co-sponsor)
Janine Boyd – House District 9 – (614) 644-5079 (co-sponsor)
Nickie Antonio – House District 13 – (614) 466-5921 (co-sponsor)
and also the House Speaker:
Cliff Rosenberger – District 91 – (614) 466-3506

Here is a sample email, which you may use or modify as needed:

Dear {Representative},

I am writing to you today to talk to you about HB 564.  I would like to ask you to withdraw your support for this bill.  It is extremely important to me to protect a parents’ right to choose medical procedures for their children.  The government should have no role in this.  It’s popular, these days, to take away a parent’s rights because more parents are asking questions, but removing someone’s rights because they have chosen to exercise them is not ethical in the slightest.

More and more science is coming out, showing that vaccines may not be as safe and effective as we thought.  Because there is absolutely no scientific consensus on this issue, and because we own our bodies and not the state, we must not create or amend laws that restrict our right to make this decision.

Please withdraw your support for this bill.  This is one we will fight as hard as we have to, because it is that important to us.  Your support is greatly appreciated, especially in an election year.



You can also invite them to the Columbus, OH showing of Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe, on August 3.  Here is the link to get tickets:

It is critically important that we place firm, yet respectful pressure on all of these representatives until the bill is withdrawn.

Should the bill advance, or if a protest is planned (and I will make sure one is planned if the bill advances), I will update you.  We will not rest until our rights are protected.

Are vaccine rights important to you?

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  1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Can you site the SOURCE?


  2. Thanks Kate. I called to volunteer. I have a vaccine injured adult child. I don’t want this to happen to another family.


  3. I don’t live in ohio but what u r doing is so important, this is scary stuff. I live in GA and who knows, we could be next. Thanks for all u do and God bless…


  4. Trying to communicate, educate and awaken these nazi government zoombies does not have a good track record. Just look at California! There has to be another way to save our human health sovereignty. God help us all.


  5. I’m with Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom. We’re responsible for the petition linked in this blog article, and I want to clarify the allow “schools to vaccinate children” issue. We thought that was new as well, but we were quickly schooled by a pro-vax person that it is in the current legislation. The only change is it goes from section D to E in the proposed changes.
    “(D) Boards of health, legislative authorities of municipal corporations, and boards of township trustees on application of the board of education of the district or proper authority of any school affected by this section, shall provide at the public expense, without delay, the means of immunization against mumps, poliomyelitis, rubeola, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and hepatitis B to pupils who are not so provided by their parents or guardians. ”

    Nonetheless, we are very troubled by this ambiguous language, which most of us were unaware was there because we were so focused on our exemptions. We are trying to clarify what this means right now. I just didn’t want people to start putting the information out only to be attacked for something that is in existing code.


    • Post updated to explain this. I agree, the language is worrisome. It ought to say something more like “If parents are not financially able, but wish their children to receive…” rather than “…who are not so provided by their parents or guardians.”


  6. Hey, i read through the bill, and I can’t seem to find the part that adds anything about allowing “Schools to vaccinate children without parental consent, if deemed “ necessary”

    Could you point that section out to me?


    • Post updated to discuss that issue — it is apparently language in the current version of the law, which allows schools to vaccinate children *without* an exemption on file (i.e. children who are already vaccinated) if their parents cannot financially get them vaccines. It’s a little worrisome, but perhaps not as much as we thought.


      • I read that current law says that they must “provide the means”, but nowhere do I read that it gives the right to vaccinate without consent. It simply says that the means to get vaccinated needs to be provided for any families who do not currently posess the means to do so

        I think someone misread this.


  7. Would you also please add that people can attend Vaxxed and the legislators can be invited to attend Vaxxed:From Cover-Up to Catastrophe at the Willoughby Commons Stadium 16 in Willoughby, Ohio on August 22nd at 7:30pm?
    They can access tickets here:


  8. I see that there are comments to your post that are dated recently, but as you did not date the original blog post I have no idea when you originally blogged this. As a surfer of many blog sites, I must admit that I am unlikely to return to those that do not add the vitally important information of a simple date. In particular, this vaccine post is a rather time sensitive matter with no real indication of when you deemed it important enough to write about it. I am not a resident of Ohio, but a wave of extreme stupid seems to be pandemic across this nation, i.e. Colorado’s gun magazine laws circa 2013. I wonder if there is a vaccine that could curb the stupid disease. My point being this: is this Ohio vaccine law a concern for 2016 or did I arrive at a post from 2012 that has comments from 2016?


  9. I think this is a better email to send to the representatives. Please replace “representative” with the individuals name and replace “Concerned Citizen” with your name when sending. Email below



    I am writing in regard to HB 564. Over the past 9 years of my life, I’ve done quite a bit of research on vaccines. In my research, I’ve discovered that while many think they are well intentioned, the fact remains that the amounts of certain ingredients far exceed upper safety limits.

    Here are the current levels of aluminum per shot of the following vaccines, as listed on each vaccine’s packaging insert:

    * DTaP (for Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis): 170-625 mcg, depending on manufacturer
    * Hepatitis A: 250 mcg
    * Hepatitis B: 250 mcg
    * HIB (for meningitis; PedVaxHib brand only): 225 mcg
    * HPV: 225 mcg
    * Pediarix (DTaP-Hepatitis B-Polio combination): 850 mcg
    * Pentacel (DTaP-HIB-Polio combination): 330 mcg
    * Pneumococcus: 125 mcg

    In other words, a newborn who gets a Hepatitis B injection on day one of life would receive 250 mcg of aluminum. This would be repeated at one month with the next Hep B shot. When, at two months, a baby gets its first big round of shots, the total dose of aluminum could vary from 295 mcg (if a non-aluminum HIB and the lowest-aluminum brand of DTaP are used) to a whopping 1225 mcg (if the Hep B vaccine is given along with the brands with the highest aluminum contents). These doses are repeated at four and six months. With most subsequent rounds of shots, a child would continue to get more aluminum throughout the first two years. But the FDA recommends that no one should receive more than 10 to 25 mcg of injected aluminum at any one time. Why is it important that we limit aluminum in our bodies? The fda has found that as little as 4ppm can cause blood sludging. This blood sludging causes ischemic strokes. Where tiny blood vessels become clogged and oxygen does not pass through. This causes death to cells surrounding the clogged area. This results in all sorts of disorders such as learning disabilities and physical disabilities.

    I beg you to do your own research and please withdraw your support of HB564.

    Concerned Citizen


  10. I have a teenaged son on the autism spectrum; what little vocabulary he had, he lost after his 18-month shots. No way am I going to let anyone within a MILE of him with a needle, ever again! He started talking again after we started using cilantro and chlorella to detoxify him–when he was 4.

    Our chiropractor’s office has a huge poster on what’s in vaccines. I can probably let them know about this petition.

    I hope the Amish don’t take this lying down. They don’t vaccinate.


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