Profile: HPV

Photo by Pixabay By Danielle, contributing writer You can’t watch TV or play a YouTube video without being hit with …

Profile: Diptheria

Photo by Pixabay By Danielle, Contributing writer Just the mention of the bacteria diphtheria is enough to bring terror in the …


Profile: HiB

HiB is a bacteria that currently has six different vaccines on the market. Learn the risk of infection associated with HiB, as well as treatment options.

Profile: Marshmallow Root

The herb, marshmallow root can be just what is needed for a sore throat, among other health benefits. Find out a yummy use for this herb!

Herbal Profile: Spearmint

Spearmint is an herb most known for its refreshing flavor. Learn about the many medicinal and health boosting properties of spearmint as well!


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