Herb Profile: Plantain

Get to know this "weed" and all it's wonderful benefits!

Not a weed, but a plant that has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent benefits, plantain is an herb you need to get to know!

Golden Milk and Turmeric Tea: Ancient Cure-Alls

Many know that turmeric is the best anti-inflammatory herb around, but did you know that it has been used in two drink forms for millenia? Golden milk and turmeric tea have been used for centuries in many ancient cultures as a cure all.

Golden milk and turmeric tea has been used for generations as a folk remedy for a variety of ills. See how turmeric, the key ingredient, improves health.

10 Ways to Use Cod Liver Oil to Promote Health

Many of us know that cod liver oil has a host of benefits for everyday supplementation. But, did you know that it is useful to heal certain illnesses? Learn more and what oil may help you cure your chronic ailments!

Cod liver oil is touted as one of the best natural health supplements for a child's daily diet. But did you know it can also be used to heal many illnesses?


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